The Hideaway Howler
"Your Pet Will Never Want to Leave"
Summer Edition
Why the Two
Week Shot Rule?
As with any vaccine,
there is always the
possibility of an
adverse reaction when
your furry friends
receive their booster.
Therefore, for the
safety of your pet and
all of our other
boarders, we require
Many of you are
adding a four
legged friend to
your families,
and there's no
better time to
"Most owners are at length
able to teach themselves to
obey their dog."

-Robert Morley
School is out for
summer and it's our
busiest season. To
ensure your furry
friends have a
reservation for
their summer camp
stay, please book as
soon as you know
your vacation plans.
The "Dog Days"
of Summer
are Here
that any needed vaccinations be done at
two weeks prior to boarding. No
exceptions folks.
This year we will be closed for the 4th of
July, with last drop offs on Wednesday the
3rd with pickups resuming Friday the 5th.

For the Labor Day weekend our last drop off
is on Friday August 30th with pickups
resuming on Tuesday September 3rd.
Shelters and rescues are overflowing with
dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes, and
ages. Getting a specific breed and age is
no longer an excuse not to adopt, as there
is an animal rescue for every type.

For some ideas on how to adopt and help
find the right fit for your household,
consider LA Animal Rescue and Southern
California Golden Rescue.

Here are their links:
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Meet Walter!
Walter was
abandoned by his
owner and is
looking for a
new forever
home. He's  
neutered and has
all of his
shots. When he
came to us he
was very afraid
after weeks on
the street. Now he's come around and is
remembering how wonderful it is to be loved.
He's not aggressive toward other cats. If
you're interested in adding an appreciative
furry friend to your family, please give us
a call.
Sunny Safe
New Furry
The Summer heat
brings a lot of fun
activities for you
and your pet, but
it's important to be
aware of the risks.
Simple rules like
preventing your dog
from engaging in
strenuous activity
an hour before and
after a meal can
prevent a fatal
Bloat. For more
Summer safety tips,
Here's a very
informative article
from the ASPCA: