My Wife, Cathy, and I would like to
express our appreciation for the
excellent professional care and affection
you gave 'Lady' during the many times
she stayed at your kennel during her
lifetime. To 'Lady,' Hideaway was never
just a place to stay while we were
away, it was camp. As I turned into the
driveway, she would always become
more excited and then she would greet
everyone as extended members of her

On my visits with Lady, the cleanliness
of the kennels and the well maintained
property, including the dogs' exercise
yards and the cattery, was always
apparent. Most important, was the
positive interaction and kindness from
the staff shown to the animals placed in
your care. I recommended Hideaway
Kennels to friends and clients in the
past, and I will continue to do so in the
Thomas Nipgen

Former Animal Care Facility
I have done a thorough
inspection of Hideaway Kennels
and find it to be extremely clean
and sanitary.

The staff of the facility is caring
and capable and show
continuous concern for the pets
under their care.
Howard Brown
I'm picky.
Everyone was friendly, clean, and very
well run. They were very specific with
their shots and even talked to me about
bloat. (Which I had never heard of) so I
knew my dog was safe.

My dog is a picky eater (Like mother
like son) and they gave him different
stuff and made sure he ate. When he
first arrived he was tentative, which he
usually is around people. When I picked
him up he was totally different, he was
wagging his tail and had obviously had
a good time.

Hideaway Kennels is awesome.
Mary Fischer

School Teacher
Excellent staff. Personalized care in
both product and service. I would highly
My Husband and I got married last
year, and I was worried about what to
do with the cat and the dog. My
husband has used Hideaway Kennels
before so he suggested we check them

We checked the dog in, he stayed in
the climate controlled kennel, it was late
July! Our cat was put in a very large
kennel with the rest of the cats.

After our honeymoon, 2 weeks later we
returned, our pets were happy and
healthy. In fact they wanted to keep our
cat because he was such a joy to have
around! It is apparent that the entire
staff loves animals, and we wouldn't
take our pets anywhere else but here.
Melissa T.
Hideaway Kennels has taken
very good care of my dog for
years now. They are incredibly
nice to her and they are always
accommodating. I have referred
several people to them and I
have not heard any complaints
from anyone.

When my dog was injured,
they asked how she was doing.
I am a freak about leaving my
dog with anyone and I never did
it for about 7 years. Now, I will
not go out of town if I can't
book her in. They are very nice
and very personable.

It is a long way from where I
live, yet I will not go anywhere
Annie G.
"Your Pet Will Never Want to Leave"
9257 Jordan Ave. Chatsworth, CA. 91311